Monday, September 28, 2009

MadViolet13's Series of Unfortunate Events

This week, I am starting out being a wee bit behind in crafting and listing.

Why is that? You see, yesterday I displayed some of my classic accident prone skills. Doing a face plant on concrete outside the brand new Barnes & Noble...priceless! Note to self: NEVER wear sunglasses in a dark parking garage. Never saw the curb until I was airborne. Totally swollen, bruised and bloody knees and palms. Last night, I noticed that my right arm hurts really bad. :( Friends asked if I had too much drink or if I was texting and walking simultaneously. Nope. OK, I did have one pint at the English pub at a late lunch. But I tend to hurt myself simply trying to remain bipedal. I had to postpone my physical therapy/adjustment at the chiro until later in the week. I can't see driving a standard transmission or working out in my delicate condition. Meh.

Hysterical comment from one of my long-time customers/friend regarding this incident: "...that's a heavy bummer about your tumble. but on the bright side at least you might save a little cash on fake scabs if you hit any early season costume parties; "dude that's so realistic!" ;)". Pixie, you always crack me up!!

And before I headed to the Post Office, I went out to the backyard to find our dog, Larry. He was strangely silent, no barking at all. I found him lurking behind the garage not far from a freshly dead squirrel. There is no blood or scratches on him (or the squirrel). Unless the squirrel fell out of the tree (unlikely), he must have finally caught one. *shuddertwitch* He did look a bit guilty. I refuse to dispose of the "body" so I will wait til my guy comes home from work. :/

All this doesn't bode well for this week.....

Off to cut some fabric and attempt to get some sewing done.

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