Monday, September 28, 2009

MadViolet13's Series of Unfortunate Events

This week, I am starting out being a wee bit behind in crafting and listing.

Why is that? You see, yesterday I displayed some of my classic accident prone skills. Doing a face plant on concrete outside the brand new Barnes & Noble...priceless! Note to self: NEVER wear sunglasses in a dark parking garage. Never saw the curb until I was airborne. Totally swollen, bruised and bloody knees and palms. Last night, I noticed that my right arm hurts really bad. :( Friends asked if I had too much drink or if I was texting and walking simultaneously. Nope. OK, I did have one pint at the English pub at a late lunch. But I tend to hurt myself simply trying to remain bipedal. I had to postpone my physical therapy/adjustment at the chiro until later in the week. I can't see driving a standard transmission or working out in my delicate condition. Meh.

Hysterical comment from one of my long-time customers/friend regarding this incident: "...that's a heavy bummer about your tumble. but on the bright side at least you might save a little cash on fake scabs if you hit any early season costume parties; "dude that's so realistic!" ;)". Pixie, you always crack me up!!

And before I headed to the Post Office, I went out to the backyard to find our dog, Larry. He was strangely silent, no barking at all. I found him lurking behind the garage not far from a freshly dead squirrel. There is no blood or scratches on him (or the squirrel). Unless the squirrel fell out of the tree (unlikely), he must have finally caught one. *shuddertwitch* He did look a bit guilty. I refuse to dispose of the "body" so I will wait til my guy comes home from work. :/

All this doesn't bode well for this week.....

Off to cut some fabric and attempt to get some sewing done.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

MSC featured on Dreadful Musings blog!

One of my items, my Plush Bats, were featured today on the Dreadful Musings blog for the " Halloween Crafts" treasury!! Thanks so much, Jinn!! :) Back in July, MSC was also part of a "What's It Like to Burn" treasury on her blog for my Plush Flame Hearts.

Jinn has an Etsy shop, Dreadful Designs, with wicked zombie themed and other unique items. Her treasuries promote sellers from the Etsy Dark Team so if you want to browse some amazing items from the dark side, run to Etsy and search with the team name! Happy hunting!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(Almost) Fall promotion!

Liquidation Sale means bargains for you!

Starting today, FREE shipping on ALL jewelry and sleep masks at the Mad Things & Raven Wings Etsy Shop! Yay!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 09-09-09!

09.09.09, the final single digit repeating date for 92 years. From the article: " is also the upside-down number of the beast." lol And this kid will never forget his birthday.

Finding this date extremely enthralling, not only cos I was born on the 9th but because "9", Tim Burton's newest flick, starts today! Been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally anticipating that one.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just what every Domestic Witch needs!

Cooking up a new batch of potions? MSC has just what you need...

Halloween is in the air. OK, for me is always is but it's close enough now that I can stop getting strange looks when I put out my holiday decor.

Just listed the first of a brand new creation, Spiderweb Aprons, for my Domestic Witch line! Reversible with pockets on both sides to keep your Eye of Newt or Wand handy. Available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops. More on the way!!