Sunday, August 30, 2009

I stash, you stash, we all DEstash!!

Destash blitz at the MSC Lab!!

Hey there, fellow crafters and DIYers! *poke*

My supplies are literally taking over the house. So, to clear out the surplus, TONS of new craft & sewing supplies are being added to my Etsy shop. Fabric, beads, jewelry findings, stamping supplies, sewing tools, trims, art supplies, you name it. Listing as fast as I can but this might take awhile! *sigh*

Stop on by to snap up some deals.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

MSC now on Facebook!

Mad Science Creations now has a Facebook presence!

Follow me. *twists your arm* ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventures with black spray paint!

My long-time obsession with spray paint rears its head again....

Years ago, I picked up an old wicker settee. It looked so ragged and worn in shades of mud brown that I almost pitched it to the curb many times. Well, on a whim, I decided to, as Mick Jagger says, "paint it black." I am SO glad I did! Now it is one of my fave things. Check out the before and after...

And I didn't stop there!

I also whipped out the spray paint and attacked 2 wicker cabinets, one of which had a cool mirror, that I just snagged at a thrift store a few months ago. Sorry, no before shots. My bad.

Observe... :)

Hopefully I didn't fry too many brain cells from the fumes after years of this behavior.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vampires and other things that are Blood Red.

Huzzah! Just listed a couple of new clothing items. For some odd reason, both are predominately red. Hmmm...could be a coincidence. Or my muse could be channeling my vampire themed life of late. TrueBlood's season 2 is on and I started reading "New Moon" at the behest of a pile of friends.

Speaking of the Undead, I recently added a couple of fangy offerings to my store: a Vampire Hat and Vampire Hoodie. :)

Back to the new stuff....

Anyway, the first offering is a new skirt style, a ruffly, flouncy design using coordinating fabrics with a comfy wide waist panel of medium weight black knit, that I plan to make more of. The body is a wicked tattoo and wings print of grey and black on a red background. The ruffle is striped grey and black.

The second is a zip front patchwork dress that I started 2 months ago, got sidetracked, and finally completed. It is gothic mix of carnivale and creepy goodness. I threw in a variety of fabric types (from satin to spiderweb mesh) and prints (harlequin to stripes).

Go ahead and check 'em out. You know you wanna. ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Zombies, part deux...

Another creepy submission by moi for the Etsy Dark Team!! The August theme is "They Live on Fear" and what could fit the bill more than a zombie offering?

Amble slowly to my shop and check out my Zombie Brains hardware necklace! :) And for die-hard (or should I say dead) fans, check out this humorous zombie article about those pesky moaning critters with a gruesome palate.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Z is for Zombies

For pretty obvious reasons, I want this reaaaaally bad! *looks longingly at the photo*

It has always been SO dangerous for me to hang out on the ThinkGeek site.

Do I have small children? Nope, we are pet parents but that doesn't qualify. I am just a sucker for twisted toys. Now I need to think of a way to rationalize ordering yet another strange collectible for my evil lair.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Save Some $$ - MSC's Back to School Promotion!

Back to School time already????

Makes me think of that funny Staples commercial where the parents are dancing with happiness in the aisles while the kids give them evil looks as they buy school supplies. *eg*

Limited time only (expires Sept. 15)!!

Oh, and new products coming soon too! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Featured Artist: Batgirl Designs

As a fellow bat lover, I was destined to find the Etsy shop, Batgirl Designs. Alex sells the coolest bat themed ice cream/coffee sleeves. And her newest products, Sugar Gliders and Bat Sachets are super cute!! We became fast friends and needless to say, I purchased several of her batty products for my ever growing bat collection---->

I have an ice cream and coffee fetish and they are so cute that I almost hate to use them for their intended purpose! I have my eye on a few others such as her Absinthe Bat which will fit nicely with my existing all year long Halloween decor in my home. :)

I got a chance to throw a few questions her way:

1. How did you get started in crafting?

My mom taught me everything I know about crafting, she's the next Martha Stewart. She taught me how to sew and she helped me to create the bat cup sleeves I sell and we still colaborate on new ideas and craft together all the time! :)

2. Describe your studio/craft area.

My studio/craft are is pretty much an organized disaster zone. I know where everything is and how high it can be piled and pushed into drawers, but it looks like a total mess! lol

3. How does your muse provide you with ideas?

Well, my muse would be all of my family and friends. I bounce ideas off of them all the time and get their opinions and they usually give me ideas and advice, either directly or inadvertently! :) When I go fabric/craft shopping, seeing all the new and cool fabric and add ons really inspires me! :)

4. When life is not consumed by crafting, what else keeps you busy?

Pretty much my life is consumed with either schoolwork, movies or crafting. I'm an anthropology major at UCSC and I'm working on a minor or History of Art and Visual Culture. Homework, memorizing, studying and reading for both of those classes really takes up all my time. I also love to go to the theater with my boyfriend or spend nights in my apartment watching movies and TV shows like Buffy or Dexter! :)

5. What do you consider the coolest thing you ever made?

Hmmmm... that's a tough one! I think the coolest things I've made are some of my custom orders, but I love my Yeti bat cup sleeve as well as my travel sewing kit which is coming to my shop soon! :)

6. Pretend you have magical powers, how do you see your ideal future (art or otherwise)?

I see my future as being a bat rehabilitator or a bat zoo keeper and still doing my crafts and hopefully being a successful bat cup sleeve/craft seller! :)

7. Lastly, If you had a pet bat, what would you name him/her? ;)

Wow that is a tough question, you have me stumped. I guess I would have to see the personality of the adorable bat and then decide lol

Check her out!!