Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 09-09-09!

09.09.09, the final single digit repeating date for 92 years. From the article: " is also the upside-down number of the beast." lol And this kid will never forget his birthday.

Finding this date extremely enthralling, not only cos I was born on the 9th but because "9", Tim Burton's newest flick, starts today! Been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally anticipating that one.


  1. Happy B-day! I'm assuming it's your birthday since you mentioned something in your post. The final single digit repeating date for 92 years?! Well crap! I've got to live till I'm 114 see the next one?

    9 looks amazing, I'm excited about it too! Have you seen the original short film?


  2. Hey Jonathan! My bday is actually in June but its on the 9th. Nope, I figured I would be one of those in line at midnight to catch this flick! :P I can't wait til I do tho!