Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday's F Word: Zombie Holiday Paper

Befuddled by what to buy for your favorite Undead for the holidays? Me, too. However, when it comes to the wrappings, your problem is solved. Just shamble over to and bite into some cooler than cool Zombie wrapping paper.

You can also use your brains (while you still have them) to think of lots of interesting uses for this creepy paper. Perhaps line your kitchen drawers, frame for wall art, or decorate the box where you keep your zombie flicks.

Monday, December 20, 2010

*waves from a sea of boxes*

Moving day is over and I'm slowly getting everything unpacked. *is exhausted* The sewing machines are out of their boxes but I still have to finish putting away the million craft supplies. So far, all my fabric is in it's new home.

Need a bit of magic for your holiday season? Harry Potter mini felt stockings are still available for all 4 houses. :)

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! And don't forget, tonight there will not only be a full moon but a rare blood red lunar eclipse.