Monday, August 9, 2010

Craftus Interruptus

Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to craft when the creative juices are flowing? Not much. I looked at the date of my last post and it was 2 days before we were robbed. Yep, we've had a run of serious bad luck the last couple of months! Some highlights:

1. I came home from work early for a doc appt. to find that our back door was kicked in and we had been the victims of a home burglary. One of my laptops (the one with all my graphics programs) was stolen. *scream* Luckily, it was a 'snatch and grab' so not much else was taken and the dog wasn't hurt.

2. I found out I have masses in both my spleen and lungs from a fungal infestion in the old detached garage where our washer and dryer are housed.

3. My car careened over the edge of the culvert that flanks the end of our driveway and sustained $600 in repairs to the suspension system! *shakes fist* The driveway is SO scary that our friends/family and even the landlord refuses to use it.

4. My bf's car was sideswiped as he turned onto the nearest corner on his way to work. The other driver was uninsured with no license and quickly sped away. The cops in Houston refuse to show up for auto theft/accidents/vandalism and we've had all 3 since we moved here.
5. We had another death in the family. This time totally unexpected to someone way to young to lose. He will be missed. :(

And now, for the worst of all...

6. We had a major scare involving our furbaby, Larry the dog. A week ago Sat, by sheer luck, I stayed home when my bf went shopping. It quickly became clear that he was in severe pain and was rushed to the pet ER. After an ultrasound and x-ray, a large mass was found on his spleen. He had an emergency splenectomy bc he was hemorraging internally. After several healing rituals and days of tears, the lab called with good news on the biopsy. He had a hematoma rather than cancer. :) SO grateful that this happened on a weekend rather than while we were both gone at work. *shudder*

My web gig (which gave me NO time to craft) ended 2 days before our pet scare so thankfully, I can stay home and take care of him while he recuperates. And Infinitus 2010, my 5th Harry Potter con, is over (I'll post more on that later) so I no longer have to focus on sewing costumes. But I can't jump back into the swing of crafting just yet. We've decided that there is some bad juju in this house and given that we need more space anyway, we're looking for new digs. So I've been hitting it hard packing!!

Halloween is just around the corner and my busiest time of year, so I do plan to offer some new designs before I completely pack my craft room. So get ready!! :)