Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vampires and other things that are Blood Red.

Huzzah! Just listed a couple of new clothing items. For some odd reason, both are predominately red. Hmmm...could be a coincidence. Or my muse could be channeling my vampire themed life of late. TrueBlood's season 2 is on and I started reading "New Moon" at the behest of a pile of friends.

Speaking of the Undead, I recently added a couple of fangy offerings to my store: a Vampire Hat and Vampire Hoodie. :)

Back to the new stuff....

Anyway, the first offering is a new skirt style, a ruffly, flouncy design using coordinating fabrics with a comfy wide waist panel of medium weight black knit, that I plan to make more of. The body is a wicked tattoo and wings print of grey and black on a red background. The ruffle is striped grey and black.

The second is a zip front patchwork dress that I started 2 months ago, got sidetracked, and finally completed. It is gothic mix of carnivale and creepy goodness. I threw in a variety of fabric types (from satin to spiderweb mesh) and prints (harlequin to stripes).

Go ahead and check 'em out. You know you wanna. ;)