Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventures with black spray paint!

My long-time obsession with spray paint rears its head again....

Years ago, I picked up an old wicker settee. It looked so ragged and worn in shades of mud brown that I almost pitched it to the curb many times. Well, on a whim, I decided to, as Mick Jagger says, "paint it black." I am SO glad I did! Now it is one of my fave things. Check out the before and after...

And I didn't stop there!

I also whipped out the spray paint and attacked 2 wicker cabinets, one of which had a cool mirror, that I just snagged at a thrift store a few months ago. Sorry, no before shots. My bad.

Observe... :)

Hopefully I didn't fry too many brain cells from the fumes after years of this behavior.

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