Friday, October 9, 2009

What in the heck are Igor 's Curiosities?

What do you think of when you hear "Mad Scientist"? No, not menacing castles, although those are excellent locations for an alchemist's lair. And no, not getting struck by lightning or playing with cadavers. Why, experiments, of course!

Wikipedia makes the distinction between archetypes: "...A quick way to tell the difference is that a mad scientist thinks "can I do this" whilst an evil genius thinks "what can I use this for?" Those with Mad Craft Skills embody a bit of both in their 'experiments'. And the mediums have a wide range - from Photoshop to fabric to paint.

OK, getting to the point...

As promised when I started this blog, this post begins a random series to highlight clever creations which are aptly named "Igor's Curiosities". Curiosities are defined as "..a strange, rare, or peculiar object. An oddity." Rather than see the hunchback assistant as a bumbling liability, I view Igor as more of a creepy yet endearing muse.

So.....the MSC Lab is henceforth also a forum to give props to those who push the envelope. Or should I say "flip the switch" to try something unique and ingenious.

Shall we begin....*drumroll please*

The first installment is for those graphic art mad scientists out there who also love Halloween. Design Live shares 30 wickedly delicious tutorials to create creepy retouched photos or scary graphics to celebrate the season. Muhahahaha!

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