Friday, May 27, 2011

How does a Geek celebrate Memorial Day weekend?

By dressing up and going to a major scifi/fantasy con.

Comicpalooza in Houston is shaping up to be EPIC!! The theme is *happy shamble* zombies, "The Rise of the Dead". Sweet. The guest line-up is varied and has top notch representation in both genres. There is even a strong Steampunk presence, one of my fave cosplay themes. Mad Science, go figure. ;) My cosplay plans for the event?

Friday: Possibly Star Trek:TOS uniform.
Saturday: A reprise of the Steampunk Squid complete with tentacles and goggles.
Sunday: I will be doing a zombie/wizard mash-up: Harry Potter of the Dead (a Hogwarts guest has been scheduled that day and it's a call out to one of my favorite flicks, "Shaun of the Dead.")

The event starts today so if you need me, that's where I'll be.

Oh and here's a video of last year's Comicpalooza for giggles. Kinda like being trapped in a Big Bang episode isn't it? ;)


  1. Amazing! I'd love to drop by to one of the geeky cons, but being from the other side of the pond complicates things...

  2. Yes it does. I wish you were here though. :) I'll post lots of photos.