Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The ULTIMATE Halloween collectibles score!!

As I was playing Vampire Wars in my Fangtasia T shirt, my coffin arrived.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Across the street, a couple is fixing up an old house to live in. My boyfriend yelled "Hey, come here...you gotta see this!" I looked across the street and saw a large casket on the neighbor's front lawn. Well, you don't see that everyday so I dashed over with my camera. It's an old house that a couple is totally remodeling and no one was home. Just as I arrived she pulled up. Turns out she is super cool and mentioned that her hubby is also obsessed with Halloween. Then she said *screams* that I could have the coffin if I wanted it!! OMG. Of course I did!

The funniest thing was seeing the look of the driver who happened by as they were carrying it across the street. Bwahahaha. It's big enough for an adult to get inside. He was joking that now our house will look cooler than theirs on Halloween. :) We all plan to get together for a few beers soon.

And the casket looks fabulously creepy on the back patio with my black skeletal flamingos and gargoyle. :)


  1. Oh it does look fab. I hope you enjoy your new coffin and friends. :)

  2. Thanks! I wonder what the landscaping guys think? rofl They already wonder about me with my tombstone and gargoyles waaaay after Halloween is over. :) The new neighbors are really awesome!! And they have dogs so our dog had new friends too.