Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Igor's Curiosities: VonErickson's Coffin Couch

"Why not enjoy the comfort of the afterlife today? " Indeed.

Igor has discovered a wondorous creepy new item to share. Professional prop builder and artist VonErickson's latest creation, the Coffin Couch, is a strange and macabre piece of furniture to rest your weary bones upon. The lucious velvet cushions are available in a variety of colors, but of course, I would choose purple. Why this just may start a new genre of interior design, hmmm, maybe Neo-Victorian Morgue. I like that.

Already a huge fan of their morbid jewelry, such as the Stitches or Dripping Blood chokers, this dream (or nightmare) sofa has pushed me over the edge to full-fledged fan. Keep up up the ghoulish work!

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